Naples Laser and Med Spa – Ready to Make Everyone Beautiful at Naples Four Corners


Naples Laser and MedSpa is proud to announce the opening of their beautiful new location in the Four Corners Building on 5th Ave in at 898 5th Ave South in December 2013.

The MedSpa is under the direction of renowned board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Turk, MD., FACS. Along with a highly educated and well trained staff that is dedicated to providing clients with the most advanced body and skin care regimes available anywhere.

Their services range from the latest in injectable therapy, such as Botox and Juvederm, to the most advanced laser treatments, facials, waxing, and make-up applications. They also offer a private full service hair salon and a complete line of skin care products that will provide maximum results in minimal time.

Their goal is to provide clients with the best service, products and treatments available for restoring and maintaining beautiful skin with a natural appearance in a beautiful spa like setting.

 Naples Laser and MedSpa looks forward to being your premier destination for exceptional, professional, non-surgical Medical Spa Treatments.

The placement was brokered by Clark J Pear of Premier Plus Realty, a leader in the downtown Naples commercial real estate, who felt Naples Med Spa was a  “natural fit for 5th Ave and at the four corners building”.  “I could feel the energy of success when I walked the team thru the doors of the building”

Naples Laser and MedSpa is located in the Four Corners Building, Suite 204, 898 5th Ave. South in Naples. For further information please call: 708.254.6211




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