Oh Thank Heaven…or maybe not for 7-11

UPDATE!  7-11 APPROVED 5-18-2016

By Joseph Cranney of the Naples Daily News

The Naples City Council approved a plan Wednesday to build a 7-Eleven in River Park, despite objections from a group of residents who argued the development will cause traffic and safety problems in the neighborhood’s west end.

The 4-3 vote came down to Mayor Bill Barnett, who sided with the developer’s plan to build the convenience store and four gas pumps at the retail strip that sits at the corner of Fifth Avenue North and Goodlette-Frank Road.

Several dozen residents nearly filled the seats at the council chambers and nine spoke during public comment, all opposed to the plan. An influx of cars will create a safety hazard for neighborhood children who will cross the street near the 7-Eleven, residents said.

See link to full article:  7-11 approved


By Joseph Cranney of the Naples Daily News

A plan to build a gas station and convenience store in River Park that is opposed by some residents has some Naples City Council members concerned about the commercial development’s impact on the neighborhood.

Vice-Mayor Linda Penniman wants to know the environmental risks of the plan to build a 7-Eleven with six gas pumps on the retail strip that sits at the corner of Goodlette-Frank Road and Fifth Avenue North, near the Gordon River. And Councilman Doug Finlay said he is concerned the project will have an adverse effect on traffic in an area residents use to get and leave home in the east end of River Park.

See full article:  New 7-11 On Goodlette and 5th North


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