Official Press Release -Retired Sergeant Major Brian Jones of Altair Solutions to visit Ferrari Capital Club for Safety Intel


CONTACT: Clark J Pear, Ferrari Capital Club

898 5th Ave South #202, Naples, FL 34102


Retired Sergeant Major Brian Jones of Altair Solutions 

to Visit the Ferrari Capital Club for Safety Intel

Guest Speaker Retired Sergeant Major Brian Jones 

September 6, 2016 from 10 AM-11AM

(August 31, 2016) Unfortunately, in today’s world we can hardly turn on the news without seeing another shooting, riot, or a barrage of horrific crimes.

“I want my friends, family, and colleagues to be as safe as they can be,” says Clark Pear, founder of the local business/social Ferrari Capital Club.   “This is why I asked Retired Sergeant Major Brian Jones and his wife, Captain Michelle Jones, to speak to the Ferrari Capital Club about how to stay safe in today’s unsafe world!”

Brian and Michelle Jones will be part of a two part series for the Ferrari Capital Club.

Pear adds that we can make all the money in the world, we can have all the connections in the world, and we can be the smartest people on the planet.  But, if we don’t have our safety and health,  we have nothing.

Please RSVP to (seating is limited)

Special Guest Speaker: Retired Sergeant Major Brian Jones on September 6 at 10 AM

Attendees to include local business owners, employees, hospital and hotel employees, realtors, (by invitation only)

Event is being organized by the Ferrari Capital Club: and

Ferrari Capital Club meets at 898 5th Avenue South, Suite 202 in Naples (Four Corners of Naples). The private club was created for political, professional, social, and business leaders in the pursuit of business and leisure activities.

MEDIA welcome to attend.

About the speaker noted below.

Safety Speak Part 2



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