Conor McGregor Host Ferrari Capital Clubs Halloween Party ;-) Proper 12 for Everyone :-)

What the bullox!! The PearMan asked me to host his Nightmare on 5th Part 3 party and I had some extra time since I’m on indefinite suspension from my last fight plus any excuse to promote my new Billion Dollar whisky proper 12 🥃Stormy Daniels, Brett Kavanaugh, Kanye west will be here to name a few so hope you can make 🎃 we will be serving up my proper 12 whiskey all night so gold it requires sunglasses to look directly at is 😎and the temptresses will be serving up the club drink hell frozen over 👍🏼 it’s gonna be a helluva time 🤩🔥 see u there 🍀🍀🍀


Conor McGregro At FCCHalloween Conor With the Cops

Cat WomanStill the Kings

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