Finfrock Industries Ready to Launch New Patented Construction Process for Hyatt Hotel in Naples

Got to tour Finfrock Industries manufacturing plant yesterday: Fascinating stuff…Finfrock and his team construct parking garages, hotels, student housing, etc…they actually manufacture the components to be constructed at their plant then ship them to construction site to assemble in about 1/2 the time it takes a normal construction company…the end product is superior and much more cost effective than anything else out there…of special interest also was a new form of construction Finfrock just patented called the dual deck system…it incorporates ceiling and floor of hotel, student housing, etc in one piece with electrical and plumbing already in place before it’s shipped to construction site!! This new and revolutionary form of construction utilizing high tech lasers and a brand cutting edge manufacturing plant Finfrock Plant I Finfrock Plant II Finfrock Plant IIIwill be used for the first time right here in Naples, FL with finfrock as developer and construction company to construct a deal that I am broker on for the Hyatt Hotel to be built at 1345 5th Ave South…Big thanks to my main man Bill Finfrock for the tour…. See More

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